Sunday, February 9, 2014

A New Name?

The Sea Sprite is currently named "Wind Courser."  Not a bad name as typical boat names go. That said, it doesn't resonate with me. Setting aside all the superstitions regarding the renaming of a vessel I am keen to put my own imprimatur on her.  Conscious that I need to submit the USCG registration paperwork soon I have come up with a short-list of names.

Women's Names
  • Caroline (my teenage daughter).  She would love it but suspect the wife would be jealous.
  • Betty Boop (wife's nickname).  I find this one a bit too cheesy.
Sea Sprite Related
  • Sea Sprite - perhaps a bit obvious but clever.
  • SpriteFire - a play on Spitfire.
  • Lightning Sprite - a play on Lightning Strike.
  • Spritely
I have a few days left so please send ideas my way!


  1. Beautiful boat and looks to be in good condition from the photos you posted. I was looking at a SS 34 last year and admired the classic lines. I ended up putting it on my short list of designs when it comes time to purchase.
    Good luck with the naming. I left a few choices on "Cruisers Forum".

  2. Thanks! There is a nice looking SS34 for sale over in Rock Hall, MD. Where are you located?