Friday, February 14, 2014

Leaky Little Sea Sprite

The winter of discontent continues with the latest nor'easter dumping 5-6 inches of snow on the Regent Point Marina Boatyard on Wednesday 12 Feb 2014.  Knowing that "SeaSprite" would have been covered by snow for a number of hours and that the slowly melting snow and ice would certainly reveal any lack of watertight integrity I decided to make another visit to see if any surprises awaited. So, the good news is there were no major issues. The cabin sole wasn't covered in several inches of water but I did find a number of leaks that must be addressed.  

These images show the wooden "boxes" that house the chainplates.  Not soaking wet but definitely damp and moldy.  

There was also a small leak emanating from the upper cabin wall just above the galley ice box.  An inspection of the deck suggests the eyebrow is the culprit.

Finally, there was small puddle on the cabin sole just to port of the mast step.  I suspect this came in from around the mast which definitely needs to be re-sealed and have a new mast boot installed.  (This photo was taken after I had wiped up the water with a paper towel.)

All in all,  I was pleased.  The fix for each of these leaks is easy and relatively inexpensive.  More importantly none of the portlights or hatches appear to be leaking.  

I am currently researching how to best stabilize and improve the appearance of the delaminated veneer around one of the salon portlights where there was previously a major leak.  Any suggestions would be welcomed!

Now, if the weather would just warm up I could get down to doing some work.

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  1. I have put a link to your blog on our Sea Sprite Association website at You have great pictures. I look forward to seeing some of your sailing trips. Carter